CFD / Wind Tunnel / Aerodesign

Aerodynamics Consultancy Vagny is the core business of ACV+Engineering

  • Support in the Complete Vehicle and Systems Development. Our main areas of concern are Body in White, Exterior and Interior Trim Parts.
  • We manage R&D aero-programs incl. studies, simulation, testing. Expertise in cutting-edge technologies, i.e. aerodynamic drag reduction, active aerodynamics, etc.


  • External Aerodynamics → Vehicle Design. Performance optimization, controllability.
  • Internal Aerodynamics → Airflow Management to meet comfort and homologation requirements.
  • Aeroacoustics → NVH
  • Thermal Management.


  • Our best practices Vehicle Design Process is supported with guidelines for Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics. One of our special skills is the Aerodynamic Advisory to the Body Design ideation with inputs for High Performance vehicles.
  • # Aerodesign /Aeroparts / Aerodynamic Kit :

  – Implementation of side rear view cameras replacing the mirrors on vehicles.

  – Vortex Generators and Active Flow Control (nanotechnologies).

  – underbody diffuser, Race car wing, spoiler, side rear view cameras, wheel rim and flush rim covers, vortex generators, active flow control, air intakes, and any other device with the aim of improving aerodynamic performance like drag, downforce and controllability.

  • Aerodesign and Engineering development of Vehicle Body and HVAC system. Main topics: cowl air inlet for HVAC, ducts, registers, Air Extraction path (BIW and trim parts). We have made innovation on occupants’ cabin ventilation to meet targets of comfort and homologation (i.e. legal requirements of windscreen demisting, etc).
  • Cooling improvement (engine, brakes, batts, etc.). Ducting for cooling and ventilation, internal guide vanes.
  • Wind noise studies. Support in noise insulation development.
  • CFD analysis.
  • Aerodynamic and Aeroacoustic Wind Tunnel testing with scale models, full scale models or prototypes.
  • Tests at Climatic/Environmental Wind Tunnels for Research, Design Validation and Homologation purposes. Tests aimed to comfort, safety and operational capabilities in extreme weather conditions (cooling, defrosting/defogging of glazing surfaces).
  • Road testing.
  • Comprehensive Test Reports. Not just measurements. Reports can be delivered in different languages.
  • Training


  • pressure distributions
  • global loads on vehicle
  • loads on components
  • cooling airflow
  • subjective and objective aeroacoustics tests
  • flow visualizations. Know how in cutting edge techniques.
  • Aeroelasticity (measurement of deformations and vibrations).
  • tests for HVAC
  • airflow measurements (P, T, V, flow rate)
  • specific tests for cabrio cars development
  • benchmarking


The mentioned researches are carried out by the use of resources such as CFD, (model and full scale) wind tunnel and proving ground belonging our partners and independent testing facilities.