ACV + Engineering = CAx

  • Aerodynamics Consultancy Vagny + Engineering offers not only Aerodynamics but also a wide range of services from the Design ideation to the Engineering Development.
  • ACV + Engineering has a flexible international organization with a net of partners in Europa, Argentina and India. (we can work for you about 24 h a day non stop)
  • ACV + Engineering is a Provider of Solutions …

through the use of  “concurrent engineering team work”
and with technologies “state of the art”

We offer consultancy services under strict confidentiality.

Overview of the Engineering Services Division

The Core business of Engineering Services division lies in CAx (Computer-Aided technologies) and Body rental.

We can support you in the Design and Engineering Development with:

  • CAS (Computer-Aided Styling),
  • CAD (Computer-Aided Design),
  • CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) technologies and
  • support in new product development.

We have the licenses for the use of most important CAx software’s.

Our partners are sales representatives of Altair HyperWorks and of PTC CREO products (Formerly known as PROE) what guarantees the strong technical skills of the team and SW constantly up-graded. Furthermore,

  • ACV + Engineering is a team of experts in different disciplines.
  • ACV Styling Designers having job experience in sport cars and major automotive OEMs.
  • ACV Engineers specializing in different areas such as

composites, structure optimization, vehicle homologation, gear transmissions, machinery, series production, etc.,

with proven expertise in the industries Motorsport, Automotive, Aerospace, Nuclear, Steel and Plastic injection molding.

Our Services

  • Styling Design

       – Sketches, CAS, rendering.

       – Aerodynamic Advisory to the Design with inputs for high performance vehicles.

  • CAD (polygonal, 2D, 3D with all currently used softwares). Legacy Data migration/Drafting. Detailing as per DIN/ISO/ASME.
  • CFD
  • FEAnalysis (incl. non-linear)

       – Composites analysis and optimization (fibber laminates, sandwich, joints and inserts).

       – Crash/Impact worthiness & Occupant Safety.

       – Structural analysis and Optimization (Dynamic, Static, Contact, Elastic/ Hyperelastic, Plastic). Expertise in transmissions, suspensions, wheel rims, etc.

       – Durability. Fatigue life estimations

       – Strength and Stiffness.

       – Vibration: Modal, Harmonic & Random response.

       – Multibody (rigid& flexible).

       – Mechanisms simulations.

       – Thermal analysis (Thermal Phenomena, Heat Transfer, Thermal Fatigue).

  • Simulations for manufacture process
  • Mold flow simulations (forging, casting, plastic injection mold flow).
  • Sheet metal stamping.
  • DEM (Discrete Element Method) for handle or process bulk material simulation.
  • Production process optimization through Tool & Fixture design.
  • Hydraulic Systems Integrated Solutions.
  • Coordination of rapid prototyping, clay modeling, Design Verification and Homologation Tests at facilities located in Germany and Italy.
  • Problem solving analysis providing to your Engineering Team with Solutions and key inputs for Optimization.
  • Reports delivered in some different possible languages.
  • Body Rental: Engineers with skills for positions in CAD/CAE/Testing/Management.

In case you need from a specific topic which is not listed above, please contact us and we will try our best to provide you with a positive feedback.