ACV and Lotus Cars

ACV and Lotus Cars
ACV+Engineering is pleased to announce that our CEO has been appointed this year as “Senior Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics Engineer” of the legendary Lotus. Alejandro C. Vagni (MSc&MSc), our CEO, had the privilege to support the aero-development of different EV projects for Lotus till end of August 2022. Alejandro´s role was as a “Senior Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics Engineer” and main assignment topics were: Aerodynamics, HVAC, Vehicle Integration. < Citation: “- I feel honoured to have had the opportunity to contribute to the Aero-Development of Lotus Cars projects and am so glad to have met such an amazing team. I will keep very nice memories and also a know-how enhancement about CFD and the latest EV-technologies.” (Alejandro, August 2022)> The services have been provided at LTIC (Lotus Tech Innovation Centre GmbH) in Raunheim, near Frankfurt am Main, Germany, within the VSCI (Vehicle Systems and Components Integration) Department where the main Division of Aerodynamics/Thermal/Acoustics currently works. ACV contributed to the development of the future Global Platform for EV of Geely Group and he also tested his own ideas for the Lotus Cars Projects: EV SUV Eletre and next EV sportscars (vehicles which have not yet been disclosed to the public). Alejandro has hands on experience with:
  • Active Aerodynamic systems
  • Boundary Layer Control technologies (CFD & Wind Tunnel), Vortex Generators
  • Hi-Performance Wing design
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PHOTO: Mr. Vagni, CEO, together the VSCI-team at LTIC, Lotus Cars, Geely Group.