Our EV-hypercar: Elektron Quasar, special edition

Our EV-hypercar: Elektron Quasar, special edition

This is the ultimate EV-hypercar project with the most ambitious hi-performance targets … ever.

We sponsor the project of Elektron Motors GmbH with our Aerodynamics + further Engineering capabilities.

For the special edition of the Elektron Quasar we focus in breaking the “lap time world record” at Nürburgring Nordschleife.

We offer support in design, vehicle integration, vehicle testing with an accurate aerodynamic program and management activities all along the project development and production.


The company Elektron Motors GmbH has its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and is leaded by Mr. Armağan Arabul, MSc Eng. He has ambitious plans for Elektron company, with the development of different hi-performance EVs to be “Made in Germany”.

The philosophy is to make use of the last technologies, giving to Aerodynamics all the relevance that deserves and been always open to innovative ideas.


The special version of Quasar has aero-targets much more impressive than the basis Quasar which started production in 2022.

This challenging project can push us to the application of unprecedent active aero-devices.

Some innovations can be expected and a pool of many ideas are already under consideration.



Roles & Responsibilities


Alejandro, our CEO, is responsible for the aero-development and his ACV+Engineering Team will support the Elektron projects with:


♦  Aero-design incl. the development of asymmetric active aerodynamic

♦  3D-CAD

♦  CFD

♦  Vehicle Integration, hold meetings with teams in Germany and internationally (Turkey, USA, Mexico, …).

♦  Track tests.


The other members of the Elektron Team are companies and professional individuals which are expert in the areas of composites, electric powertrain, suspensions, mechatronics, etc.


Ref. websites of Elektron Motors GmbH where you can find updated information regarding the vehicles:




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