⚠ New EC regulations \ material compliance #SCIP

⚠ New EC regulations \ material compliance #SCIP

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Be aware: If you import products or materials from outside Europe, the new regulatory compliance standards SCIP will be mandatory from January 2021.

It is mandatory for distributors, retailers and sellers which import products from outside Europe.

SCIP implementation by ECHA (Sehe Deutschsprache unten)

The Substances of Concern in Products initiative – or SCIP – is one of the most comprehensive attempts to identify and manage the use of certain types of substances within the European Union.

The mandate states that any product that has one of the identified substances must be registered within the SCIP database. This is for products that are sold within the EU starting in January 2021. The products can range from wires and batteries up to very complex articles such as children toys, televisions or motor vehicles.

As part of the European Union (EU) Waste Framework Directive (2008/98/EC), the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) will construct a database containing information regarding the use of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs) in articles and products above the 0.1 percent weight by weight (w/w) threshold, per amendment (EU) 2018/85. The ECHA refers to this database as Substances of Concern In articles, as such or in complex objects (Products) (SCIP).

SCIP is designed to help waste management companies, consumers, and the government to better understand the types of substances that can adversely impact the environment or public health. SCIP also educates on how to properly dispose of these substances.

Manufacturers who use any of the substances of concern that are identified by SCIP are required to report using the new SCIP process.

Manufacturers and distributors of the products must go through an extensive process to identify and then register with SCIP.

The process for submitting SCIP data can be confusing and involve multiple steps.

You need to obtain accurate information from each supplier noted in the BOM of the product, then the correct TARIC codes and other items and upload everything with completeness and correctness to ECHA. The process is time consuming and even extra margin time should be considered to resolve eventual issues with the form submits.

The amount of time and effort consumed is not worth fit to be manually made by yourself.

Our end to end services to customers:

We are representant in Europe of APA-Engineering, the largest company in India for compliance, sourcing and ecommerce.

We offer the most affordable services in the field of material compliance Standards (SCIP, Conflict Minerals, REACH, RoHS, ELV/IMDS, PROP 65, etc)

APA-Engineering has about 20 years experience in the field and has developed their own sophisticated Softwares tools which allows for automation on tasks for faster & accurate execution and reporting for compliance management, what is/we fair translate/d in reduced costs to our customers.

The SCIP module in our Softwares can reduce the amount of time down to minutes instead of hours or days.

You can choose from a License which allows you to the use of our online platform Softwares and all the regarding compliance tasks self-perform, to our turn-key solution where we take care of full activities, including communication with your product suppliers for missing information to meet approval.

Our software takes the complexity out of the SCIP submission process by using custom software that is built specifically to analyze and audit data from numerous suppliers, then combine and consolidate that data so that the submit process is easier. If this regulation is applicable to you and you are interested in knowing more about this topic and available solutions, then schedule a free consult with our experts at https://acv-engineering.de/contact/


Wenn Sie Produkte oder Materialen von außerhalb Europas einführen, die neue EU-Verordnung um eine “SCIP-Datenbank” wird Pflicht ab Januar 2021.

Wir sind den Ansprechpartner in Europa von APA Engineering, der größten Firma in Indien und eine weltweit führende Firma im Bereich (Material) Compliance Service.

Wir bieten kostengünstigeren Lösungen für regulatorischer Compliance Standards. APA-Engineering verfügt ca. 20 Jahre Erfahrung in compliance und hat spezifische Softwares entwickelt, die Automatisierung von viele Tätigkeiten schaffen und das senkt die Kosten.

Wir können Ihnen mit allen Tätigkeiten im Bereich “Material Compliance” unterstützen:

  • Warnunterlage von chemischen Substanzen für die Menschen und Umwelt gefährlichen. Deklarationen und Konformitätserklärungen sowie Reporting zu SCIP, REACH SVHC, RoHS, US Conflict Minerals, usw.
  • Management von regulatorischer Material Compliance Standards inkl. bzgl. Kommunikationen mit Lieferanten.

Die Arbeitsmodalitäten sind verschieden. Von SW Lizenz oder bis zum turn-key solution Wir können alle bzgl. SCIP usw. für Ihre Firma machen, inkl. Management von Liferantenkommunikation, und

den Bezahlmodell wird in Anbetracht unsere Arbeitsstunden oder nach einem Pauschalbetrag pro Teile oder einen monatlichen Pauschalbetrag in Vereinbarung.

Alternative können Sie die jährliche Lizenz für unsere Software online nutzen um SCIP-Ausgaben selbst zu machen.

Unsere Dienstleistung als turn-key Lösung: Komplettservice: ist alles dabei – zum fairen Festpreis!

Setup des Projektes

Einladen Ihrer Lieferanten zum Reporting

Prüfen der Lieferanten Rückmeldungen / Reminder / ggf. Eskalation

Corrective Action Plan falls erforderlich

Zusammenfassen der Daten zu Ihrem Ergebnis-Report



Ref from the EC: https://chemicalsinourlife.echa.europa.eu/chemicals-in-a-circular-economy

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