Vehicle Integration for prototypes of ADAS and Autonomous Driving projects

Vehicle Integration for prototypes of ADAS and Autonomous Driving projects

We are currently providing consultancy for the development of a number of autonomous vehicles (AV) and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) projects for BMW.


A.C.Vagni, our CEO, is currently also providing consultancy with role as a Test Tool Engineer, Division: Systems Tools Engineering Core for BMW ADAS & Autonomous vehicle projects.

Contributing to the development of the new generation of BMW 7 series and the iNext with different levels of autonomy, i.e. the SUV I20 Autonomous Vehicle 2021, as already released to media.

We are fully responsible for the Engineering Integration of sensors and all the relative electronic testing equipment on different vehicle prototypes (sedan and SUV) and its Dynamic Safety, as well as Vehicle Prototype build up.

The main areas covered by the consultancy are:

Support the test Infrastructure Set Up of reference sensors, devices under test, measuring equipment (data loggers, adapters, batts, etc.) taking care of their effectivity.

Development of a cooling system for the equipment.

Ensure requirements for vehicle performance, as for instance engine cooling and driving safety (Aerodynamics of vehicles with sensors roof rack, Vehicle Dynamics).

Check the strength of structures which have been specifically build in for holding the testing equipment (trunk rack, roof rack, brackets).

Worldwide Coordination with client, suppliers, HW&SW developers and prototype workshop.

Tracking of buildup progress of fleet of prototypes till delivery to team of test engineers.

BMW iNext

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