Strategic partnership with NOIETEC

Strategic partnership with NOIETEC

We are glad to announce our agreement with a very important partner to reinforce our engineering services, with specialists in hydraulics, composites and metalurgic.




NOIETEC SA (NTC) is a company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, set up by university ex-colleagues of A.C.Vagni, CEO of ACV+Engineering. They are the technical support of Altair Hyperworks for Argentina.

In this way, ACV+Engineering is reinforcing their flexible international organization with a net of partners worldwide.


We are now present in Europa + India + Argentina, which means we can dedicate 24hs to your project in case of tight schedule and we are the best cost-effective option you can find.


NTC are our partner for services such as

  • CFD,
  • FEA,
  • Design of Machine Tools and
  • Hydraulic Systems Integrated Solutions.


NTC is a commercial and technical support of Altair Hyperworks for Argentina and has contributed to important projects as for instance nuclear power plants, space satellites parts, sandwich made of PRFC and Aluminium Honeycomb, automotive parts, hydraulics, oil and gas industry, others.