ACV + Engineering got the first client

ACV + Engineering got the first client

ACV+Engineering will contribute to the aerodevelopment of vehicles for the biggest worldwide automotive concern.



with first assignment entrusted for Volkswagen Headquarters, Wolfsburg, Germany, as the final client to bring them support on all current vehicle projects for the VW brand at the aerodynamic full scale wind tunnel.

  • Project Coordination for model build up at internal and external facilities (suppliers).
  • Aero-design consultancy.
  • Wind tunnel tests.

At the times, VW Group is the biggest ww automotive concern.


VW Wind Tunnel

It is an open test section aerodynamic full scale WT

A nozzle cross section = 37,5 m2

Length of test section = 10 m

Vmax = 180 km/h

Fan Pow = 2600 kW