Our PATENT of Invention for defogging performance improvement

Our PATENT of Invention for defogging performance improvement

implemented on the Ford Focus IV sedan 2018


The application of the method is of particular interest on Electric Vehicles due to the improvement on energy efficiency, as well as on hi-performance vehicles for driving safety and aesthetics considerations.


A. C.Vagni, our CEO, has shared a number of patents of invention with Ford of Europe (Germany), as a result of his work contribution on the development of the first Ford Global Platform (codename C519 C2) to be used initially by the Focus IV (2018) in 4 body style versions: sedan, 5 doors, SW, crossover. Ford is one of the first major OEM in developing a Global Platform.

A.C.Vagni was involved for more than 2 years in the development of the HVAC system for this Global Platform, regarding all its functions such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, demisting and air extraction design. The HVAC system has been developed to meet performance targets of all possible climates.

5 patent of invention have been applied by A.C.Vagni along this service. The mentioned one in this post has been first implemented on the Ford Focus IV sedan 2018 which will be shown to the public this year.

Demisting last-pillars of Ford Focus sedan 2018

Patent date … Filed Jul 1, 2016 

Patent issuer and number … DE 8369-9597 

Patent description

The rear windows of most hi-performance aerodynamic vehicles (sedans, coupés) are at bigger risk of fogging issue (condensation on the glasses of air humidity present in the occupant cabin) because they are more exposed to “glazing surface wind chill” effect whilst driving than the rear window of any other kind of vehicle.

This is a concern of driver visibility and aesthetics (means it gives a not welcome image of the vehicle to the viewers).

The method (Design Guidelines) by A.C.Vagni consists in an efficient Interior Aerodynamics management in the vehicle occupant cabins together a multi-attribute optimization approach in order to find the most cost-effective way for the deployment of the in-cabin air extraction inlets and air path to the body outlets (air extractors, also known as air vents).

The method has been discussed with a multidisciplinary team of experts and tested at Ford Environmental Wind Tunnel of Germany, and it will be implemented on Ford Focus 2018 Sedan.

The effective proven demisting pillars improve rear window clearance with Reduction of Noise perceived by occupants, Operation not influenced by luggage and a positive impact on Styling and Driving Safety.


  1. A significant improvement in backlight clearance because of bigger rear glass fogging resistance capability and defrosting/demisting performance → A positive impact on Styling and Driving Safety → Improved customer satisfaction.
  2. The most cost-effective location for air inlets on interior trim system.
  3. Cost Reduction.
  4. Weight Reduction.
  5. Operation not influenced by luggage.
  6. Reduction of Noise perceived by occupants.
  7. It needs for a concealed gap in interior trim system having low or Null impact on Interior Styling Design/Craftsmanship.