Testing Management of an Autonomous Vehicle project

Testing Management of an Autonomous Vehicle project

Testing Management for the Vehicle Dynamics of Volvo XC90-Uber taxi 2019, autonomous vehicle



A.C.Vagni, our CEO, is currently also providing consultancy with role as a Test Manager Vehicle Dynamics, New Systems for braking and traction controlling of a number of hybrid and autonomous vehicle projects of USA and Europe.

We offer support on the engineering application of EBS (Electric Brake System) and the innovative Continental´s product HAD Electric Brake System.

EBS is a solution for EV and hybrid vehicles, which includes Electronic Stability Control, ABS and other functionalities. Furthermore, the HAD has an emergency backup brake capability of automatic actuation.




With role as a Test Manager Vehicle Dynamics of New Systems for braking, stability and traction controlling.

In charge of a number of Hybrid and Autonomous Vehicle projects of USA and Europe: Alfa Romeo Giorgio platform (shared by Giulia, Stelvio, Jeep Grand Cherokee) and others.



The range of activities includes:

-Selection of the relevant requirements, Test strategy, Plan of all EBS tests and integration test activities of the project, coordination with OEM vehicle manufacturer and worldwide testing facilities based in Germany, Rumanian, Hungary, Sweden, India and USA.

-Ensuring workflow alignment and test program coverage. Traceability of tests, management of test errors (SAFE, Action Plans).


(Post last modified in 2019)